J an Vaessen Ph.D. chemische technologie was 15 jaar werkzaam in innovatie van FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Sinds 2000 is hij full-time facilitator, sinds 2008 IAF Certified Professional Facilitator.

M arcella Bos (1963) is an Experience and perception expert.

In 2008 she launched the 5 Wheel Drive concept, in collaboration with Johan Rippen
and released the book ‘Events en Beleven’. Marcella is founder of Bos Matchworks BV.

Since 2001, the focus of Bos Matchworks is on three main themes. Design, organization, advice, facilitation and supervision of:

  1. experience oriented programs and concepts, particularly revolving around the
    EXPERIENCE of the participants and the realization of the desired impact.
  2. programs for personal GROWTH and leadership development;
  3. ambition processes of teams. As a process facilitator Marcella supports teams to (re)formulate their TEAM AMBITIONS and objectives, and helps them to realize performances and a mutual atmosphere in their team collaboration.

Before she started her own company Marcella worked in the Banking Industry, in Healthcare, Education and as a Journalist. She studied Social Studies at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In her spare time Marcella likes family life, friendship, sports, movies, a good glass of wine and places with sea view. Marcella lives in a small village together with her husband Aart. They have two daughters who happily live with their partners. Meeting them at the so called MAGICL family meetings will never be checked off her bucket list.

Marcella is associate partner of Engaging Leadership Group.


Niels Flach is a professional in applied chemistry and materials science with additional skills in the facilitation of processes and project teams.

Niels takes pride in giving a “contageous” kind of enthousiasm to people and
projects. His heart is especially with sustainable innovation.

Niels is able to bring people together by working on the mutual
understanding of individual team members’ views on their life and passions,
and bringing those in harmony with the common goals of the team.

Niels is formally trained in project and programme management, as well in
team facilitation and quality engineering.

Elke Schepers (MSc. Technical Chemistry) is a highly motivated and analytically and socially strong person. She has broad international experience in a.o. innovation, Lean Six Sigma, process and project management. Together with her active passion for music she successfully combines a structured working approach with interpersonal aspects in various organizations.

Elke is an experienced consultant/coach/trainer who loves to work with people. Over the last couple of years she’s mainly been working in service organizations, both profit and non-profit (education).

Sabine Mur designs and provides training and team coaching focused on better collaboration, smart work habits, vitality and work-engagement. She is a pragmatic organizational psychologist and translates her expertise in learning and behavior in organizations to inspiring group sessions.

She has extensive experience in various industries and preference for (young) professionals with a technical background. Sabine is associated to Engaging Leadership Group and operates from her own business ‘Bureau voor Bevlogenheid’, meaning Work-Engagement Company.