Our dream and ambition as Engaging Leadership Group are to contribute to the creation of a free world in which man lives, flourishes and works, guided by an inspiring vision, enabled by natural intelligence.

We promote and support leaders who make this happen. These men and women hold views on leading people that transcend both short-term wins & profits and the best in class approach, benchmarking existing practices and management guidelines. They lead people and their business guided by the principles that in this world of rapid complexity natural intelligence and self-regulatory competences are the drivers of success.

We call them engaging leaders in the connotation of both connecting and confronting. They don’t behave as moneymaking machines, hopping from one target to another, but connect with their people, binding and reframing them into adroit and enterprising wolf packs. They challenge people to put the fish on the table and confront each other in addressing the truth, unpleasant as it may be. As business leaders they have a relentless drive to explore new frontiers, create opportunities out of challenges, meanwhile embedding care and trust into the cultures of their organizations.

In leading their people, engaging leaders provide them with wings, roots & learning:

  • Wings, to enjoy the freedom to seek purpose and discover meaning;
  • Roots, to commit themselves into building safe and caring communities;
  • Learning, to do as Alice in Wonderland, thinking each morning before breakfast six unthinkable things and keep generating new ideas.
W e coach leaders in developing their engaging leadership skills. We do so in the role of independent counselor & sparring partner, helping to increase our clientís understanding of her/his personal leadership context and behavior, with a threefold purpose: how can I improve my empathy and relational effectiveness as a leader; how can I contribute today to the success of my people by reducing my personal shadow & power distance and how can I inspire, challenge and empower them in shaping tomorrow’s organization.