Engaging Leaders

Leadership coaching is a core activity of Engaging Leadership Group.

Our clients are boardroom members, entrepreneurs, managers & team leaders in key positions within their organizations, and (senior) project leaders.

Our preferred role is that of consigliere or counselor, operating low key as a sparring partner and sounding board to our clients, delivering critical feedback on an eye-to-eye basis. Putting the fish on the table, we address critical issues on the basis of trust, honesty and independent reflection. Our clients reflect on the impact of their leadership style, and learn to apply social theory to build a firm support base for the strategic business agenda and its execution.

S elf-awareness is a precondition for effective leadership and collaboration. For that reason we provide our clients with a profound understanding of their behavior. They investigate their motivation & influence profiles, and explore their preferred styles under normal and high stress conditions.

Our clients become aware, that the competencies required reaching the top, are not necessarily the ones needed at the top.

K ey to our leadership approach is to connect and confront people with different frames and mindsets, enabling them to develop shared visions, purposes and action taking.

We link sound management competences with entrepreneurial drives and qualities, aiming to combine the best of both worlds.

Amongst others, we use Jungian psychological theory [MBTI] and the rich social science knowledge sources on group dynamics, team performance and change management.

Our consigliere approach is a proven concept, both in coaching individuals as in facilitating teams. Clients feel inspired and challenged, and value our performance as solid, respectful, trustworthy and highly effective.