Engaging Projects

Leadership meets Project Management: Innovation in Action

Today’s world requires an approach to generate innovation as the practical outcome of a shared effort to integrate knowledge from many disciplines and perspectives. Innovation driven project teams are increasingly formed across the boundaries of functional areas, organizations and countries. To get maximum results within time and budget constraints, it is a must for team members to understand each other’s fields of expertise, (professional) languages and values, from the very start of the project.

Engaging Projects (EP) is a work-processing program for project teams. The design generates a powerful kick-off with an immediate impact on the project outcome. The workshop is not a training session, but applies knowledge and skills directly and purposefully to the project targets and activities of the participants. Insights on leadership, group dynamics and project management are interwoven and directly linked to the real work process, delivering new and creative ideas with regard to the project content and an acceleration and upgrading of team effectiveness, project performance and output quality.

Engaging Projects inspires and challenges team members to take ownership from the start. They learn to think beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines and to understand and manage critical interfaces between team members, and with industrial clients and academic partners. Individual participants transform into an entrepreneurial wolf pack focusing on how to produce the desired deliverables, in time and within budget. As a consequence, time and productivity lost to inexperience of the project team is now a thing of the past.

The program enhances both self-awareness of team members and their understanding of complex projects.

Self-awareness is a must for effective collaboration and teamwork. We practice insights of group dynamics and amongst others the psychology of Carl Jung in the Myers-Briggs [MBTI] typology for individuals and teams. The workshop participants explore their motivation and influence profiles; learn to recognize the impact of their behavior and how to interact and collaborate effectively as a team.

A profound understanding of project architecture and process is a prerequisite for robust project management. Engaging Projects teaches team members how to strike a balance between project objectives, system requirements and interests of stakeholders, focusing on shared goal setting and realization. The program utilizes PMBoK, PMI or IPMA.

The key success factor of Engaging Projects lies in the integrated approach of leadership & group dynamics skills, project management competencies and the real work context. It enables competent individuals to build adroit teams, producing successful deliveries.

Engaging Projects is a proven concept. Our clients give it an AAA value rating.

The program is a co-creation of Engaging Leadership Group and Jan Vaessen Facilitating.